Jan. 1st, 2007

aekastar: (gangsinesplosion!)
As soon as it turned midnight, I put up my new calendar. aren't I exciting?
It's a Kandinsky (half off at Borders! woo!). I usually get an anime calendar, but I didn't see one on the rack.. perhaps I was just looking in the wrong part of the store. there were some other calendars scattered about elsewhere. maybe they weren't on sale though. anyway, it's pretty and minimalistic, so I like it.

I was at Borders mostly to return that manga I bought twice (which took awhile 'cause they had trouble getting the register to recognise the difference in sales tax), but yeah, I figured while I was there, I'd get the calendar and look in the music section. I stayed away from the literature 'cause I have a dozen books I'll never get through as is.. gah. I ended up getting a Four Tet album ('Rounds') and a Nick Cave one ('The Proposition') which I haven't listened to yet. I heard most of 'Rounds' anyway, but yeah..

In exchange for the book, I got the other volume of the manga... the picture on the front was slightly pervy. eesh. I'll probably read it tonight. those things are fast reads.. that's why manga is dangerous.

At the register, I also asked about the rewards card, so hopefully I'll start getting the emails now.

After Borders, I demanded getting La Madeleine which I'd missed while in Ohio... mom thought I was a bit insane to get two desserts (I have an apple turnover for tomorrow! ate a linzer cookie earlier with tea!). the food portion was my usual, so I won't get into that. it was good though. so yeah, overall a good day.. finally sunny! the past two days I stayed in due to the tornado warnings and wind.

Right now as I was coming down from the sugar rush from the cookie and tea, I felt rather lonely, but reading and music listening sounds like a plan. hopefully 2007 is a good year.

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