Jan. 6th, 2007

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Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] davidfrazer and [livejournal.com profile] babyalligator for the cards!

The grandparents sent them both in an envelope over here recently... I was surprised since I didn't expect any due to being lazy about sending my own, but it was a nice surprise.
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Today dad was on yahoo messenger, so I asked him if he'd want to go to Arby's later (me and JC's talk about Arby's last night made me hungry for it) which later brought up the idea from mom that I should see about doing other stuff as well if dad was going to make the effort to stop by, so I called to find out when anthropologie closed. I thought it wouldn't be open long being a stand alone store, but it closes at 9pm Monday-Saturday.

Anyway, once dad got here, it was brought up, so we left. it took an hour or so to get through traffic plus dad got off of the 610 loop too soon and onto 288 due to a traffic jam thus got lost per usual. we were going back and forth down dunlavy and then down shephard forever before he found westheimer.. geez. we saw a ton of neighbourhoods though which was cool.

The store itself is cute though I found it a bit comical that half the sign was burnt out, so just the 'pologie' part was lit up I think. I made dad get me two plates as part of my xmas gift. I still want an exercise bike, but y'know, two plates isn't breaking the bank. these are them. I didn't have to get the whole set ($12 per plate). sadly, when I got home and washed them, one broke... yes, I know. I even said I wasn't that klutzy, but damn. I now know never to wash it by hand again.. that one plate shall be protected as if it were gold ('cause it'd be pretty embarrassing to break both so quickly)!

With my own money, I got this and this. despite hating pink, the first one is my favourite of the two. it goes well with a black cami and jeans. the other is nice, too. I had to buy a beige cami to wear underneath it though since it's completely see-through.

They didn't have the pants I wanted in yet, but I guess that gives me a reason to go back.

Dad seemed to like sitting on the couch in the store people watching which is good; I figure only the home decor section would appeal to him considering there isn't any men's clothing in that store. I apparently missed a middle aged man wearing flashy suede pants.. that's what I get for being in the dressing room at the time!

On the way home, we got the Arby's I wanted, but we asked for two combos and they just gave one. dad ate my fries (well, I stole one or two) and they put the mayo on my blt wrap even though I asked for none. I still ate it, but I didn't finish the ends due to it being too mayo-y.

All in all a nice trip despite the rain and traffic + I'm now broke.

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