Jan. 8th, 2007

aekastar: (time to pay the price!)
I ate more than usual today.

-Finished the other half of my cranberry orange muffin from starbuck's when I woke up
-Went ahead and made the cheeseballs I wanted to try (grandma made them while I was there and I was determined to try them out later myself) for dinner though mom hated my whisking style and did that herself + they looked more like potato cakes without the potatoes or frittatas though still tasted the same, so whatever
-The cheeseballs were had with rigatoni w/ a cheese marinara ragu sauce which was a bit too much cheese, but not too overpowering nonetheless
-A bit ago I then had a linzer cookie (this time I bought the 3-pack at la madeleine on Sunday) with tea (the assam melody one which seems to be the default tea.. I'm to the last spoonful.. may have to make another adagio order soon. I have some I didn't like, but am unsure how to sell them off.. anyone want some mango black or raspberry?)

..and now I'm full. I think I'll pass on my usual chips later. I don't want to overdo it more than I have.


Oh, also, I took some photos in one of my new anthropologie shirts yesterday. here's the two I liked best: .... )

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