Jan. 31st, 2007

aekastar: (gangsinesplosion!)
I stole this idea from [livejournal.com profile] yiskah since I am not in the mood to list them on eBay.. I've mostly been wary since the fees went up and it'd suck when half the items I list don't get a bid yet I still must pay the listing fees!

Even if you don't want them yourself, please pass this around if you know anyone who does and would be interested. the more I sell this way, the better! as for actual prices, I'll take the best offer and then give you the paypal info. if you want multiple items, we can negotiate a better deal. some of these were hardly worn or not even worn at all in the case of two shirts definitely. so yes, on with it! )


Okay, that's that. please spread the word + let me know if you yourself want anything / have any questions in a comment! at least I got the photos taken so I can put them up on eBay if I don't get enough takers, but it would be nice to give clothing to people I know or through people I know :)

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