Apr. 29th, 2007

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Today was spent mostly reading the 33 1/3 book on In The Aeroplane Over The Sea. it had been forever since I'd listened to that album and now I think I finally have an appreciation for every song on there. for the most part, I skipped to the title track (which I know all the words to; I dunno why I never sung that when I recorded 'karaoke' style spontaneously -- I mean, I did Red House Painters which I think is harder to sing...) and Oh Comely which still never sounds like it's 8+min long. the song that usually made me cringe was The King of Carrot Floweres Pts. Two & Three due to the whole Jesus Christ thing. it mentioned enough in this book about how it shocked / confused other people as well (really, for me, I think I just shook my head and left the room till it was over the first time I heard it). I'm not big on religion, but now I think I can calm down a bit since even if he really means it, it shouldn't affect the listening pleasure of the album -- I had never thought to read the liner notes (weirdly; I usually at least skim/glance when I get a new album) and the idea of an eternal white light within everything is a nice idea, so yeah. also don't mind the reincarnation notes brought up later for the song Holland, 1945; I'd actually like to believe in that (when I was younger I pictured my last life involved being a painter living on the streets in Italy; I came to the idea after mumbling gibberish in a grocery store and out came a string of italian words which I probably subconsciously remembered from relatives. it's still nice to hold that past life idea).

For such a small book, I did get interested in a couple things mentioned like Steve Keene's paintings which was brought up under the section about the Aeroplane Over The Sea sessions where the paintings (made for an Apples in Stereo video) were all over the new 'studio'. I'm almost tempted to spend $10 for a random painting, but I'll maybe wait on that. I'm lazy when it comes to buying frames.

Also, William Schaff's little book based off the song Holland, 1945 pulls everything I'd read together. this page in particular really moved me.

Embarrassingly enough, I have yet to hear the album On Avery Island which was discussed at length at the beginning to build up to the main event. I think it should be a top priority whenever I next find it and it's not that hard to find.

Maybe I'll read more of these books at some point, but most albums chosen are ones I just don't have by the artists picked. I did see there's one on The Velvet Underground / Nico album, but only sort've care about... yeah, it's one I usually bring up to say I like -some- old music (ie; music before the 80s).

[ETA: yes, I see there's one on Radiohead's OK Computer which I spent more time listening to than In The Aeroplane Over The Sea, but it got some bad reviews, so I don't think I'll read that one]

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