May. 16th, 2007

aekastar: (gangsinesplosion!)
"This tea smells and tastes like a funky, dirty, wet wool sweater. No way would I ever drink it again."

I was reading tea reviews since mom decided she'd just order me more tea instead of going through the hassle of returning (our printer's almost out of ink, so printing the return label turned into frustration -- hopefully they aren't really expecting it. before getting a link to the label, you must confirm you're shipping it back... eesh) and that one popped out at me. people have a way with words sometimes ;D


...and yes, I'm awake at this hour (it was the usual in the past, but I've been doing better lately!) 'cause I accidently fell asleep at 1:30am which is a bit too early for me to have a full sleep. I woke up at 5am and am unsure when I'll get sleepy again. I'm just mildly tired.

My birthday's today though so hell, I can sleep for as long as I'd like! least this interlude gave me a chance to brush my teeth and listen to The National's Mistaken For Strangers single for around the fifth time (thanks lindsey! I got it today, so thought what the hell, I'm opening it.. heh ETA: obviously I mean yesterday today... I'm still stuck on it being the 15th). I must say, still The National sticks out as the best thing that's come out. I love how even on the one bside, a nice horn section is surprisingly added at the very end. it comes off as classy to have that small bit of fanfare that only appears once. recently I was reading a thread about what always makes a song better and that certainly does... along with violins which is what I answered with, yes.. nothing beats that.

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