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I got Pole's 'steingarten' album in the mail today. from the whole name to the snow capped mountains on the cover, I did indeed expect cold german electronica even before reading the one amazon review it got naming it as not as cold as the rest, but still creating a distance from its audience. I figured it was obviously supposed to create that coldness and distance.

It turns out I just suck when it comes to the knowledge of certain audio equipment: "Structurally, the music of Pole is based on abstract, irregular rhythms created by a defective analogue sound filter Betke uses, namely the 'Waldorf 4-Pole' filter. These rhythms principally are defect frequencies full of interference (in audio terms commonly referred to as 'noise'), not unlike the crackling sounds of vintage vinyl, except for a harder, purely digital quality, which makes them very immediate." [source: Matador Records: Pole Biography -- which was the first relevant google result when trying to find out more about Pole]

I still say there could be a double meaning!

During my first listen, I was reading some unrelated metafilter post and someone linked this. there are robots in it. I didn't turn the volume up, so I have no idea if it had music; I figure so.

Anyway, this Pole album went with it just as well... I could imagine choreographing (okay, if I knew how!) various people doing the robot to this music. this isn't bad in any way. I think I've watched too much So You Think You Can Dance (I'm going to miss that show... I admit, I still read up on them over at TWoP sometimes) though.
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