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01. Burial + Four Tet - Wolf Cub
02. Neko Case - The Pharoahs
03. Tortoise - The Fall Of Seven Diamonds Plus One
04. T. - A Gun in My Hat
05. Max Richter - Campana: The Tartu Piano
06. Tindersticks - The Other Side Of The World
07. Alva Noto + Ryuichi Sakamoto - Broken Line 1
08. City Center - Killer Whale
09. Have a Nice Life - Bloodhail
10. Paavoharju - Tuoksu Tarttuu Meihin
11. Sebastien Schuller - Weeping Willow
12. Mount Eerie - The Mouth Of Sky
13. Mus - Embalses y Rios
14. Martyn - Is This Insanity? Ft. Spaceape
15. Grizzly Bear - While You Wait On The Others
16. Meso Meso - Night River
17. Life Without Buildings - Sorrow (live)
Total Time: 75:24 after edits
Crossfaded Tracks: 1&2, 5&6, 7&8, 10&11 -- burning to disc only works if you have audacity to convert to wav, otherwise there may be a weird click in the middle of the transition which is not cool, but maybe most of you have ipods or could just listen on the computer :P


The cover art is def. photoshopped. the original photo was from that same Ohio trip from '06... I can't help that I took good photos then (Original)
The liner notes aren't going to be very informative considering I don't feel like doing research right now and am watching, of all things, The Bachelorette (the men tell all episode! harrr). maybe one day I will edit this and just alert everyone on that day... or not

Also, please let me know if the links all work and the songs sound okay 'cause it's always worrisome when technology is involved and well, typing any code... hah (all I know is that it finally sounded good on disc :P)

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Burial/Four Tet - Moth/Wolf Cub

Didn't take -too- long I guess

[Edit: Finally found a Neko Case download... this one may have to wait till after sleep to listen to though... kinda taking awhile.... and yes, I found the linked one while searching downloads on a forum... hurrah! almost kinda missed 'the' search... been spending too long searching for virtual cards lately (though yeah, I still like it... I just basically found almost all of them now... hahah) ;P]
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This year, I decided I was just going to play an album association game instead of going into great detail like I usually do (though I kinda broke this rule a slight tad on the top two and added detail to the words). it's a lot more efficient and still at least kinda makes it interesting.

#s 10-1 )

Other Notable Mentions )

#s 5-1 songs )

#s 5-1 Disappointments )

Anyway, have a happy new year everyone!
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01. Marbles
02. Tyed
03. Kathleen
04. Milky Teeth
05. Blood
06. Jism
07. Raindrops
08. Drunk Tank
09. For Those....


This is a live Tindersticks album from 8.2.94 in Amsterdam. it is the one I got the most crazy about finding and I seriously spent $80 to get it when basically the cover is printed on brown paper which resembles a paper bag in texture which was placed in a cut off plastic sleeve. it's rare though and I love it!

Also, it's my first instance of hearing the track Kathleen at all and I do believe it is better here than it is on the EP I got a bit after this. it was never put on a studio album either. the rest of the songs were mostly found on the first self titled album made in '93 I think. they still have an other worldly vibe here. also, For Those..... seems to be a good closer since it closes out Bloomsbury Theatre, too!

That is all I have to say. just listen to it! even if you're not a fan yet, you may just be after hearing this. also, find Bloomsbury Theatre... it has more of the songs from the second self titled album.
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01. Bill Callahan - Night
02. Eluvium - In A Sense
03. Burial - You Hurt Me
04. Kode9 and The Spaceape - Nine
05. Herbert - Birds Of A Feather
06. Marissa Nadler - Feathers
07. Berg Sans Nipple - Aquarium Life
08. Giardini Di MirĂ² - The Swimming Season (Hood Remix)
09. 17 Pictures - The Garden
10. Ella Guru - Park Lake Speakers
11. Thee More Shallows - Night At The Knight School
12. TV-Resistori - Intiaanidisko
13. Kieran Hebden & Steve Reid - Our Time
14. David Thomas Broughton - Execution
15. Hush Arbors - Wooded Reel
16. Stuart A. Staples - Say Something Now
17. Jan Jelinek avec The Exposures - Collage Of Digital Passion
18. Arcade Fire - Ocean of Noise
19. Shearwater - Nobody
20. Menomena - West
Total time: 79:35 after edits.
Crossfaded tracks: 2&3, 6&7, 9&10, 13&14, 17&18 -- remember, these work correctly on an ipod or on your computer, but burning to disc (at least on itunes) creates a glitch, so put those tracks in wav format just to be safe

p.s. even if you've received an actual copy of this mix, read the liner notes! I just typed them up today since I didn't keep copies of the ones I sent out + this is a better, more in depth, set of notes.

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01. Colleen - Your Heart Is So Loud
02. Howling Bells - Today
03. Final Fantasy - The Miner Becomes Forgetful
04. Max Richter - Autumn Music 1
05. Minimum Chips - Cold Afternoon
06. Badly Drawn Boy - Nothing's Gonna Change Your Mind
07. Susanna and the Magical Orchestra - Enjoy The Silence (Depeche Mode cover)
08. Julien Neto - VI [Featuring Keith Kenniff]
09. Fat Jon and Styrofoam - Runnin' Circle
10. Junior Boys - The Equalizer
11. Hot Chip - Disguise
12. Kode9 and The Spaceape - Bodies
13. One Second Bridge - No. 2
14. Xela - A Floating Procession
15. Pinback - Versailles
16. Tortoise - Restless Waters
17. Califone - The Orchids
18. Mountaineer - Ambassador
19. Corker/Conboy - Blue Skies
20. Ensemble - Carmine
Total time: 74:42 after edits. only tracks 3, 6, 9, 10, 13, and 18 don't have a crossfade added.
a crossfade means you must be sure to put no pauses inbetween tracks if you decide to burn it or it won't transition as well though I'm sure most of you have heard of this by now. hopefully the crossfades work as well on a good sound system. it works fine in the cd player over here and headphones beyond maybe a slight lo-fi issue on certain tracks where it may have to be turned up a bit after the transition.

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Richard Buckner - Town [from Meadow which comes out Sept. 12th]

I just got to listening to this song today along with all of the other songs/albums I've downloaded the past couple weeks and was too preoccupied to check out. it's rather poppy like the song I posted on this mix instead of the more country vibe on some of the other albums I've heard yet not bought (heh). I think I like this side just a bit better. I may get it when it comes out.

Also, I'm listening to the new Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, The Letting Go. it's pretty good so far. I forgot where I got it; I think some advanced albums forum. check out Part One of the three-part commercial announcing the album. it's funny.
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By chance, I finally found that Hot Chip b-side I wanted in mp3 format that I was looking for last month:
A Glue Too Thick

Ahh... the good of browsing mp3 blogs randomly.
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Leafcutter John - Seba
Typical droning indie folk, but really, the song gets going once the vocals start- "You push me out just to pull me in.. mmmm closer to you."

Lily Allen - Smile and Littlest Things
The newest blog sensation apparently. I just discovered it this past weekend though. it has that poppy talk-sing / rap type vibe with a bit of a reggae / soul beat. the lyrics are funky / amusing and the song 'Smile' makes me cackle a bit to myself. I think of this as the same as liking Annie was a couple years ago. it's the type of music that is a bit bubblegum-y at times, but you just cannot help but play it over and over again. it's okay 'cause everyone else likes it, too.

The Lovely Feathers - Mildly Decorated and Breakfast Cake
I once heard (forget where), that this band was a better replacement for The Unicorns than Islands was and I think it's true. I heard their debut 'My Best Friend Daniel' last year after downloading Fudgicle [mp3] from a link on lhb. while that album was rather good, the new one is perhaps even catchier. there are five songs from the first that reappear in a new form on the new album (Hind Hind Legs), by the way. eventually I'll buy the album. I tried to win it from i (heart) music awhile back, but didn't get it; wasn't too surprised since I jumped in a bit late. I only just remembered I didn't hear it till this past weekend! glad I remembered.
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From Machinefabriek's new album Marijn:
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1. Come home
2. Recuerdos
3. 320
4. Eder, Simone
5. Mi sitio esta aqui
6. Fade

Pitchfork gave it an 8.1
and popmatters summed it up well.


Also, from a My Bloody Valentine covers album 'Suicide is Fine':
Cupid Come

..and if you weren't around when I posted these particular songs from 'Last Laugh' a year or two ago:
Too Proud To Try
Fuck Rock
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Ticonderoga - Town

I'm not yours / Monday through Friday / I'm just here...
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01. Certain albums, songs and mixes make me think of something tangible. it's like one song can make me think of a flat wafer while another could make me think of green towers and another can make me think of a pink musicbox. it's not always the same type of things.. sometimes I just get half of an image before it disappears. one mix I made last year which I feel was the best I ever did reminded me of weightlessness in a hot air balloon flying amongst circuitry. the mix I made the other week makes me think of green fields and rough craggly tumbleweeds though.

02. I shall reiterate this.... oh oh oh's are greater than la la la's. it must be a distinct 'oh' too.. not an 'ooooh' since sometimes those suck.

03. If I put a song on a mix, most likely I'll like it 10x better than before.. especially if I make it for someone and am waiting for their reaction. I'll play the mix over and over again till I memorise each inch of it / know basically when the best parts start and if that other person will hear them, too the way I do. actually, sometimes I put my least favourite tracks from bands I like on a mix to make me like them better. it's been awhile though... I still get pretentious and put interludes I would otherwise not care much for out of context but not overall songs I dislike.

04. I may buy these albums, but I absolutely hate when they have those pretentious 15-19min ender tracks of just like keys jangling or rain falling or... cars driving by. I mean, HATE. especially if there's a big gap of silence of like 5-10min till it gets to that part. I don't really understand these things. it ruins my enjoyment of the album. I'm just glad they take place at the end for the most part so I can just turn it off when I get to it.

05. Also hate jamming. I'll say this a billion times. perhaps it's also why I don't entirely get into ambient as a whole either... only the ambient that shifts a lot. I absolutely hate the same chord over and over and over again for hours. I try to like it, but really.. if by the third listen, I don't hear the distinct changes that make me feel something, I'm not listening again since I see it as a waste of time.

06. Sometimes I like to rock out, but if it's just loud shouting racket? I want it gone. one reason I hate a lot of punk and metal. elements of each are cool for the record though.

07. If a song has a lot of violin in it, I will sit in contentment no matter what.

08. Sometimes I'll ignore the story/theme of the songs on a mix as long as the transition between tracks is so magnificent I die.

09. For awhile I listened to a lot of instrumental, but lately I try to pick up on stuff I can sing along with for the most part... 'cause I find singing along to be the most calming activity I can muster. I may not sing well, but it doesn't matter.

10. If a band becomes too popular (not including Arcade Fire), I'll probably become less interested. it isn't out of pretension, but out of overkill. if I hear anything too often, it's too much. I think that's why I always, everyday, am in the search of new things, so I can always go back to the old things in my collection later on knowing I made the right choice.

[ETA: I forgot.. this was an important one I thought of yesterday which started this mental list.. go figure I'd forget it.

Bonus 11. If a mix has Hood on it, I'll automatically like it. all my fav. mixes happened to have a Hood song or two.. seriously]

If I think of anymore things, I'll add to this, but this is enough for now.

Oh! also, while I'm here, check out this band, Tugboat. I think it's rather delightful. especially the song Apples.
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Once upon a time, I liked this band called Seascapes of the Interior (a nice post rock sounding Australian band) a couple years ago (it would've made one of the top album lists, but it was made in 2003 and I had heard it in 2004. there are some clips still on the page, by the way).

They split up and soon enough, from their mailing list, one of the members mentioned his other project 'The Boy Who Spoke Clouds'. I didn't think much of it till months later when another came in with the myspace page. after hearing some of those songs, I friended it and just now checked in again.

There's a seasonal sampler over here with one song called 'Happening' which is very good.
Also, check out these two:
Fear at 3am [if this link doesn't work, try this page and click download]
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Remember how I promised that Skream song last week?

Well, conveniently, boomkat now started doing editorials and the first one is on dubstep/Skream!
Check it out and stream an exclusive mix there!

Here's my fav. track which took forever to find on soulseek: Glamma [mp3/non-YSI]
and here's one from another release which I found through an mp3 aggregator when I first began looking for Skream's stuff: Midnight Request Line

I don't think I've picked up anything directly within this genre till hearing this... it's enticing, yes it is.

[ETA: There's a mix of songs in mp3 format and an interview here, too. it was linked at the bottom of the boomkat editorial, but for those who don't catch it right off..]
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01. Injured Teddy (clip)
02. Duplex - Desolate State
03. Hot Chip - Barbarian
04. The Futureheads - Hounds of Love
05. Two Gallants - Steady Rollin'
06. Band of Horses - Monsters
07. Buck 65 - Blood of a Young Wolf
08. Neko Case - The Needle Has Landed
09. Mountains - Bay
10. Ms. John Soda - Outlined View
11. Devics - Just One Breath
12. Guitar - Red & White
13. Drowsy - Bed of Pyre & Wood
14. Calexico - Letter To Bowie Knife
15. Mountaineer - Sleep and Me
16. The National - Karen
17. Centro-Matic - Triggers and Trash Heaps
18. I'm Not a Gun - Continuous Sky
Total time: 72:54 with edits. only tracks 12, 14, and 18 weren't altered at all

...or here for opening in a new window.

liner notes.... of sorts )


I meant to make room for a Skream track, but there's never any room for bass on a mix like this, so I'll just link it at a later date when the signal isn't being a bitch. I'm glad I uploaded the tracks last night before bed.. heh.

Feel free to speak up if you like it... or not.

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