Oh Woe!

Aug. 18th, 2006 11:45 am
aekastar: (time to pay the price!)
I think I may just have to skip around on my flist for now -- read specific ljs I'm most interested in and the like. no communities or feeds.
Somehow in the past week, I got from 300 behind to 750 behind.. 300 was bad enough!
Also, I cannot view videos anymore or dl much due to being on dialup, so this is just sad :|

I am trying to convince grandma of getting high speed then I'll just start over from the day that I click on the first page of my flist. it's all or nothing in my ocd brain :P

I think grandma is going to give in since the phone isn't useable when I'm signed on and thus no one can get through. I signed off once yesterday so she could call someone back. I feel like a hogger and I only read one page of my flist that day due to the slowness :P

[ETA: hrm.. I wonder if I should change the time to eastern on here... even the clock on my laptop hasn't been changed yet. I just keep calculating the added hour in my head :D]

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