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And now... finally we are here.... the moment we've been waiting for...

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The year has felt both long and short at the same time. the music I've sifted through has proven its eternity. hell, I didn't just listen to new music this year as has been shown by my leaning towards early 90's shoegaze like Moose for awhile.

Really, it was quite hard to narrow it down as I said at the beginning. my number one surprised even me in the end. at the last second, I eliminated Sufjan Stevens and Wolf Parade due to not having purchased them or listened to them fully more than once though I feel a slight guilt over their absence since there are some albums on here that I also didn't listen to fully yet they feel more memorable for some reason.

[Edit: Nevermind about feedback; leave some if you have it, but it's not an obligation]

Thanks for reading if you've stuck around!
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The suspense continues on the hunt for the number one album!

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Now, some of the fun begins...

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This must be noted -- this list took much time and effort and guilty eliminations. I chose the order based on what I've listened to most for the most part (but some stuff is just there on wild levels of who the hell knows!). the level of effort brought to the description and the uniqueness of the album at hand does not at all factor in to its placement. some may have even been up there if certain other albums hadn't come out. out of hundreds of choices, the pickings get slimmer.

The only reason these first 10 don't get a description is 'cause I can be a lazy bitch... plus, last year I only had a top 30. this year is definitely longer, so chill!

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