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So, last night was a bit crazy considering at first I had decided I'd just do the whole anthropologie exchange/Kirby Borders trip on Saturday since dad's off then, but there was a 'maybe' possibility for my bday just so I get gifts on that exact day. I wasn't in the mood to go the later it got since I was slightly irritable due to my broken sleep. nonetheless, once he came over, I was pushed to go do it before I just delay it further....

Dad had to stop and get gas first which made me slightly nervous considering, for one, the store closes at 9pm and it was after 8 already not to mention we were about 30min away from there at that time plus I just hate being late for something and worrying about not getting there -- he said I'm the only one to get offended over getting gas yet it wasn't about the gas. it was about it already being late and making a detour somewhere else first; he should've known his tank was on empty sooner is my point.

We did end up barely making it there at 8:57pm. we were allowed to stay till we were done, but I felt rushed anyway, so grabbed a pair of earrings for mom's belated mother's day gift and got pj pants and shorts for myself without trying them on.. it's just good elastic / tie waistbands work for me and I'm wearing the one pair right now. I did feel a bit disappointed that I couldn't find either of the two tops mom was interested in and worried that maybe they were hidden behind other tops considering everything was sort've scattered.. I basically just skimmed without moving stuff out of the way due to feeling rushed; we were the only ones besides the clerks in the store and I didn't want to be an ass and start picking at each shirt individually.. hah. now I figure that once the checks are cashed from my bday and a part of the credit card is paid off, I'll just get her one online.

[ETA: I can't believe I forgot to add this! the pants were said to be on sale for the week and to come back later to get the full price for the exchange yet I didn't feel like doing that, so only $39.95 of the purchase was taken off! it was probably 'cause I didn't have a receipt. I never heard of weekly sales there. it seems once something is on sale, it stays on sale till the item is out of stock. who knows. in the end, I was just glad to get rid of the pants, but they were $78 to begin with, so it was just a bit disappointing anyway]


Next was the Kirby Borders which dad got lost trying to find. he was getting irritable, sleepy and hungry saying that he'd rather just stop and get food then go home instead.. that we could go again tomorrow or something, but I was determined. I convinced him by mentioning the cafe in Borders where he could get a snack which would wake him up a bit plus I had a list, so would only take maybe 10 minutes to grab what I wanted. it's good we did go last night since breaking news right now says a fire broke out by the Southwest Freeway. that would've sucked to drive through with that goin' on.

During the beginning of getting lost, we passed Soundwaves which I almost wanted to check out, but dad was set on Borders then home, so I shrugged it off. once we were out of Borders, it was too late to go back since it closed, but maybe some other time. I went there once a few years back and they had a good indie selection.

Anyway, at Borders, there was a buy 3 get the 4th free deal going on with cds which I had no idea about, so it was funny to go up there with my stack of cds expecting to pay a bundle and seeing that. I had 8 in all, too plus $11.67 in holiday rewards!

..and what is most important!

I ended up getting:
Black Heart Procession - The Spell
Electrelane - No Shouts No Calls
Herbert - 100lbs (reissue)
Junior Boys - So This is Goodbye
Kieran Hebden and Steve Reid - Tongues + The Exchange Session Vol.2
One AM Radio - This Too Will Pass
and Twilight Singers - Powder Burns

Dad paid for half though my rewards card was used to earn me points anyway.

There were a few others that I would've gotten, but remembered they were at the Borders down the street, so thought I'd save it for a trip there since there was also a graphic novel I couldn't get (Kirby hardly had a good graphic novel selection.. it was weird. manga took up two rows yet there were just two sections for graphic novels at the end of the manga's second row. even the one that was said to be there, I couldn't find so either someone else decided to get it or it was misplaced. oh well). yeah, I s'pose I didn't -have- to do that, but I thought I was going to be spending enough already not knowing about the deal.

Along with those, I got:
Tindersticks - Simple Pleasure
Bill Callahan - Woke On A Whaleheart

They were in the mail! [ profile] erebrandir got me the latter one which surprised me since I didn't expect anything from non-relatives even if some people teased or considered getting me gifts in the past. it's really not necessary, but I appreciated it and already thanked him, but I'll document it here anyway!
Tindersticks was a gift from mom; it cost $25 through a seller on amazon marketplace. I listened to it a few times last night though, so it was already worth the price... a bit different than the past albums in that it was minimal, but it still had some of the classic Tindersticks sound mixed in with the pop/R&B/funk/disco-y elements.
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