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Today I got the tea chocolate. it came by FedEx; wow, second time this week I've gotten something through there. I had just eaten the leftover pasta, so wasn't so hungry, but I tried a bite of the raspberry one. it is very good. just figured I'd let y'all know I give it a thumbs up!
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Joanie's Smiles
Tea infused chocolate.

Mom sent me this link awhile ago and it sounds good. I may buy a few bars when I next make an amazon order.
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I got the 7 tea samples I ordered and was completely unaware it was loose leaf tea!
We don't really have any supplies here for that, so grandma made a makeshift bag with a coffee filter and I tried the assam melody (one of the black teas) without anything added to it. it was pretty good -- not bitter. perhaps a bit bland after awhile, but not bad. I may try it with sugar later when I make more.

That one cup made me a bit hyper; it has been awhile since I had tea on a regular basis... just last week I had one cup, but didn't notice due to the cold which caused that rapid heartbeat. I don't have rapid heartbeat today, so I suspect the caffeine didn't do that; it was the cold.

I ended up making another order for the starter set since it seems way easier to make a cup with the loose leaves that way: check out the video (if that link doesn't work, go to extras / starter set / see it work!)

Due to the hyperness, I took a typing test. I got 82wpm / 100% accuracy. not bad, but I felt like I was typing faster than that. perhaps it's 'cause I backspaced a few times to get a perfect accuracy score :P


Oh also, if you want a $5 gift certificate from adagio, leave your email address and I'll send you one. thus far, I sent one to a couple friends.. I need 100pts for my own $10 gift certificate and each certificate that is redeemed gets me 10... hah.


p.s. I'm slowly getting caught up on everyone's ljs. I read about 10 thus far and if I haven't reached yours yet, I'll probably get around to it soon!
It's not as hard to catch up when I go directly to journals instead of being slowed down by interesting feeds and communities.. hah.
After I catch up on ljs, I'll go back to reading my flist straight.


Aug. 23rd, 2006 05:50 pm
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Has anyone ever ordered tea from adagio?

Me and lindsey tried tea samples and one happened to be from this place (I forget if it's the one I tried, but nonetheless, it's the one I remembered :P). I figured I'd buy more samples and wanted suggestions. the reviews are sort've helpful, but a personal note may help me decide.

I do like fruity drinks, but am unsure how it'd be hot. it seemed a lot of these talked about making ice tea out of them which I guess we could, but I was thinking more for hot tea.

Anyhow, I'll probably get to ordering them later tonight.

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