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I finally got approval to post what's here and I must note that there are no food photos or many candid shots because I was so dazed out on both days that I forgot. at least I took some photos unlike on Thanksgiving where I completely forgot to even bring my camera out!

better late than never! )

Is Niiiiice

Dec. 1st, 2006 03:21 am
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Me and lindsey spontaneously went to see Borat (yes, finally... I'm sure we were the last on earth to see it :P) since nothing else except K-Mart was open in the area after 9pm... it was crazy. online, I saw Borders was open till 10pm, but it said 9pm on the doors, so that sucked. it's open till 11pm on Friday, so we may try again tomorrow/later today.

By the way... movie spoilers )

Before the movie, we had gotten some snacks at K-Mart which we ate later at the house after leftovers. the sugar cookies I got were worth the effort even if I was hoping there'd be some music for mom's xmas gift. who knew K-Mart was rather expensive?
After the snacks, we b.s.-ed with the camera (example: photo above). the ones below the cut are from both our cameras, so yes, there are some scenes that repeat slightly so I just changed the colour tone to make it exciting: ... )

So, yeah, that's that. there would've been a picture of the xmas lights as well which I promised for mom, but by the time we got back, they had turned them off, so oh well; tomorrow I'll try to remember to bring my camera with me.

Mall Trip

Oct. 21st, 2006 10:19 pm
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I finally got to wear my anthropologie outfit somewhere -- my eyes look black; probably 'cause I took out the red eye, so yeah. I actually look like I'm ready to go horseback riding (hah!).

We had to go return some items that didn't fit. even though I hate trying clothes on, especially if a clerk has to be fetched to unlock the door of the dressing room, I did since we don't want to have to return more things that don't fit. it was getting ridiculous. I'm wondering if other people have this blah attitude concerning talking to the clerks... I probably wouldn't have gone along with it if not for being with people who would go fetch the clerk :P
It's not 'cause I don't want to bother them, though I made it sound that way in my explanation to some of you in chat. it's mostly the social phobia I have about approaching anyone I don't know. I know it's silly. I only really talk to people who talk to me first.

Anway, take the poll. I'm still curious if others have this feeling no matter if it's a phobia or just lazy:

[Poll #850395]


I ended up getting corduroy pants at american eagle, a layered t-shirt w/ other patterned shirt at wet seal (these are the stores that involved getting the clerk) and a grey cardigan at Target. it wasn't a bad time. we even got a piece of berry crumble cake and a bottle of apple izze at starbucks along with a container of pasta at the pizza place on the way down to Target. my feet, calf muscles and lower back ached when we were standing in the halloween candy isle at Target. I was about ready to rip the heel of my left foot off; I was hobbling. it was a lot of back and forth to these stores. I looked at Penny's where a couple weeks ago, we hid a couple shirts at the back of a rack, but they weren't there anymore, plus I realised that the misses area of Penny's does seem slightly old lady despite if I do like some rather women's style clothing at times. it's just good my anthro shirt got fitted by grandma or else I wouldn't have been able to wear it at all.

Next time, we're going back to Charlotte Russe where I saw jeans and a long sleeved red shirt with an interesting neckline. we went in there while waiting for my aunt to come back with the take out stuff (which I sat in for awhile earlier in the day when they had tuna sandwiches. I guess I'm getting better about that), but grandma thinks I need something to go back for instead of just buying everything in one day which I guess is true.


When we got back, we took the photos. I had to add more lipstick (I got that lipstick at macy's last time... I haven't had a real lipstick in forever, but it does bring more colour to my face, so I like it) since it had all rubbed off from pursing my lips off and on. here's the one of me and my aunt (I find I look slightly different in this one; I s'pose it's the angle though) which she made me title cute hair and wants me to print out when I get back to Houston.. hah:


This entry is slightly jumbled, but when I'm tired, I don't feel like messing with this stuff.
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Saturday it was a nice day outside, so I decided I wanted to try to get the photo for the cover of my current mix. I wasn't finding anything that worked right in the front or backyard when the batteries ran out, so I came back in to get new ones when grandpa suggested taking me up the road where there'd be more nature to take photos of instead of the sparseness of the yard. I agreed and just tossed anything on, so I'd be warmer since I was just in my robe in the yard.

When we got in the car (the lexus :P the top goes down and turns into a convertible, but it was too cold for that. I didn't get a picture of or in the car.. maybe next time) and were a ways down the road, he said "Eh, let's go to mill creek park. there's tons to take pictures of there."

I got slightly nervous about the change in plans considering I wasn't dressed for any real place and it was said to be far. I didn't really say much about it though. we went to the visitor center first. the drive was pleasant enough; we went through a bit of downtown Youngstown which grandpa rambled on about being more full of people dressed up walking the streets in the 40's, but now they all just go to malls.. hah. things do change!

Here I am in front of the building; there was a harsh wind for why I was standing all rigid like that, but then again, I always stand funny unless I'm told to straighten up:

Here's a colour shot of the area to the right of where I was standing showing the name of the place:

...go on, there's more! )
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During dinner (mushroom angelhair pasta; better than I thought it'd be!), my aunt stopped by and thought we should finally do our walk. we had been wanting to, but last time it was raining and who knows what was goin' on before that.

It had rained today and was in the 50's, but I didn't mind it too much since it wasn't raining right then. I brought kleenex and a jacket and I even had a pair of reeboks which she brought over for me the other week when I said I was the same size (sometimes I can wear a 6 and a half, but most of the time it's a 6). the reeboks were a bit tight at first, but after loosening the laces, we were good to go!

..and down the sidewalk we went )

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